Booking a Time Slot

You can book an appointment by ringing/text; 087 2796977 or email;

When booking a time slot please be mindful that other customers may be booked in before or after you. 

There can at times be a 6 - 8 week waiting list depending on the volume and the time of year.

Please adhere to all current Covid-19 guidelines - contact for clarification


Preparing a quilt for Longarm Quilting: 

  1.  Bring your quilt in 3 separate pieces - Top, Wadding, and Backing.
  2. The backing and wadding needs to be 4" all the way around the sides. eg. 80" x 80" quilt - backing and wadding to be 88" x 88".
  3. Your backing should be square with two straight edges for pinning on and mark the top and bottom if required. 
  4. When bringing your own backing, it should be the appropriate size or if it needs to be joined, please do so before dropping your quilt off. 

Quilts can be posted (at your expense) - email or call for postal address